At AfriForum Sport we believe that all team selections and recognitions should be based on merit. We all know that certain politicians have insinuated themselves to such an extent in South African sport that the negative affect of their discriminating policies that are forced onto sport bodies and federations has become clear over time. Although we should be fighting these policies on the one hand, it would on the other hand be very irresponsible to remain dependent on the system.

We realise that the time has come to take responsibility ourselves for the future of sport in South Africa. We therefore strongly focus on identifying existing events that are based on merit, and on supporting and developing these. Where such events do not exist, we will cooperate with experts to organise these events.

We know that success, just like anything else in life, does not simply fall into your lap. Unfortunately, children and adults in South Africa who want to make a career out of sport do not only have to work hard to outperform others; they also have to fight a discriminating system simply for an opportunity to be noticed.

By investing in sport events that are based on merit, AfriForum Sport will work together with various other role players to create opportunities where talent can be noticed and developed, and where people who perform the best in term of merit will receive the recognition.

The lack of opportunities that should ensure exposure in sport is not limited to certain age groups, however. Therefore, we will not only focus on certain age groups with this project, but rather on investing in events in which a variety of athletes, regardless of their ages, will benefit.

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