It is well known that the conditioning of an athlete – regardless of the sport that they want to partake in – plays an integral role in their ability to perform at the highest levels. Unfortunately, truth is that not all schools and sport clubs have the necessary equipment to provide this system to their athletes.

AfriForum Sport aims to provide as many schools and clubs as possible with extramural conditioning equipment to help athletes in placing their conditioning – with the help of training programmes designed by experts – in their own hands. These systems can be used by large groups as well as individuals. It is therefore ideal for schools, sport clubs and community sport centres.

With this project, AfriForum Sport will give people and other organisation access to conditioning equipment that they may not have had before. This will enable athletes to reach their maximum potential.

This project will help to increase the product offering of schools, sport clubs and community sport centres, which will benefit athletes.

If you want to be part of this success story and support us in implementing this project as soon as possible, you can join us as a member. Email if you want to donate personally or on behalf of your organisation.

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