AfriForum Sport has taken hands with Helping Hand and the VlokSkop Foundation to empower young sporting talent that do not have access to the necessary resources.

Helping Hand realises the importance of sport for children at so many levels of their development. Sport offers children the opportunity to be in good physical health, but also offers the opportunity for emotional and mental development.

Sport teaches you about disappointment and how to process it. It is an important life lesson that comes in handy in life as well as in the workplace. Sport also teaches you how to work together with a group of people to solve a problem. The critical skills that the Fourth Industrial Revolution demands from us, namely problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence and adaptability can already be acquired at a young age. It strengthens your chances to adapt in a world that is constantly busy changing.

The aim of the project is to donate tekkies and/or rugby boots to high school learners whose parents cannot afford it financially. Finances should never be the reason why children cannot participate in sport. Let us take hands and ensure that our young people have their tekkies on and laces tied for the challenges that life presents.

Tekkies & Toks is an initiative driven by Helping Hand and the VlokSkop Foundation, and AfriForum Sport is proud to support this empowerment project.

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