Cactic Fitness is a business that was established by three proud South African fathers with a passion for family life, fitness and the local economy. Driven by this passion, Cactic Fitness has developed a home gym system for the entire family – young and old, from beginners to athletes. The system is an original design and is proudly manufactured locally. We appreciate that people’s fitness and way of exercise differ; this is why the system has a modular design so it can be adapted to different needs. It is unbeatable with regard to quality, choice and compactness. Now everybody and the whole family can exercise: together or on their own, as they wish, in the comfort of the home … or garage … or even outside. It is easy to install and it can be stored 10 cm deep against the wall. This is an exercise apparatus that meets everybody’s needs. Our dream is making exercise accessible and fun for the entire family: “Gym. Your way.”