We currently find ourselves in uncertain times in which one can easily become dispirited or despairing. However, we know that it is of critical importance during such times that we must perform some type of exercise to strengthen our immune system and to ensure that our overall health does not suffer because of these negative circumstances.

AfriForum Sport in cooperation with Cactic Fitness and Sweat Gear invite you and your family to become more active together and have lots of fun by participating in a four week long family challenge. This challenge was compiled in such a manner by experts to allow each member of the family to participate in it. Wonderful prizes are up for grabs and you can be sure that your participation in this challenge will provide lots of entertainment for the entire family.

How does it work?

  • Over the course of the next four weeks, we will on a weekly basis upload one video on AfriForum Sport’s website and social media platforms in which the family challenge for that specific week will be explained
  • The challenge is open for everyone, but if you and your family would like to be considered for any of the prizes, you will need to register on the website.


  • Those families that tag us the most on our social media platforms during the course of the challenge will be announced at the end of the four weeks, while their prizes will also be announced at the same time. Families can tag us at @afriforum, @cacticfitness and @sweatgear by making use of the hashtag #FamilyChallenge.
  • During the four weeks we will also be launching several unexpected, additional challenges. Separate prizes will be up for grabs for the winners of these challenges.

We believe that you and your family will have lots of fun during your participation in this four week long family challenge. Please remember to share your fun with us on all AfriForum Sport’s social media platforms.

Together we make communities stronger.

AfriForum Sport

The ball is in your hands