Who are we?

AfriForum Sport was founded in 2021 and since then has established many strong networks in the sports sphere. Knowledgeable individuals such as Duitser Bosman, Vlok Cilliers, Roedolf van der Westhuizen, Chris Lombaard, Niel du Plessis and Erin Burger are among AfriForum Sport’s network partners.

AfriForum Sport has already succeeded in getting and keeping major role-players in the sports industry such as PVM, POLAR and Braven Performance involved in projects and meetings being organised.

To create a self-reliant network for the development of sport, sport opportunities and talent in communities.

To empower sport bodies and communities by:

  • Making resources more widely available
  • Offering solutions to current shortages and challenges
  • Providing high-quality coaching and training at affordable tariffs through online training
  • Negotiating for sport products and services at lower prices than what are currently available in the market
  • Creating a home for the community to get together on a social level with sport as vehicle.



By Ronald Peters When I talk to friends and relatives about the future, the conversations often turn to topics (and sometimes also arguments) regarding hope and despair. And then also to sport. Because in my inner circle, sport is one of the major sources of hope. With increasing political interference in sport in various fields…


By Ronald Peters Sports talent in South Africa is plentiful, but opportunities are not. Because of this, there is a wide scope for exposing undeveloped talent to more development opportunities so these individuals may also have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. It is commonly known that sports opportunities and the availability of sports…