CIT Performance Institute is in the process of redefining fitness across the entire spectrum. The Institute offers a range of classes such as traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu training, group fitness classes and a competitive mixed martial arts class (MMA amateur and professional team). We help people improve their fitness and sport achievements as well as permanent power and fitness. In this way we create deep trust among our members. Are you ready to change your life? Drop by, come and talk to us about your objective and discover a fitness system specially designed for you.

CIT has helped hundreds of people from across Pretoria to improve their fitness. Our Kids MMA programme is brilliant for child development. We have transformed many amateurs into professional MMA fighters and international champions. Whatever your objective may be – CIT Performance Institute is here to help you achieve it. Join our successful community and get the assistance you need from world-class coaches. All you have to do is take the first step.