I am passionate about people and I love helping people. I have more than 20 years’ experience in the health and medical industry. I treat every patient with compassion and give them the best advice and rehabilitation afforded by my knowledge. I operate within a group of medical disciplines (dieticians, medical doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, natural health practitioners and homeopathists), which benefits all our patients.

Independent qualifications:

Kinesiology tape wrapping
Pilates rehabilitation techniques
McConnell – Rehabilitation of the knee
McConnell – Rehabilitation of the shoulder
McConnell – Rehabilitation of the lower back, iliosacral joints and lower limbs
McConnell tourniquet


BA degree in Human Movement Sciences (UP) (1996–1998)
BA Hons degree in Biokinetics (UP) (1999)
Advanced nutrition adviser (NQF level 5) (2016)
Nutrition for cancer prevention and longevity (2019–2020)


• Injury prevention
• Rehabilitation
• Pre/postoperative reinforcement and conditioning
• Metabolic disease management
• Heart rehabilitation
• Chronic disease management
• Sport-specific training programmes
• Home visits
• General well-being
• Pilates